Workers take over post office to illustrate vision for future of Canada Post


OCT 9, 2018, TORONTO – Postal workers are putting climate change, and a vision of a postal service for the 21st century, on the bargaining table. Today, postal workers will give the public a sneak peek of that vision when they take over a post office in Toronto.

The action intends to showcase the post office of the future, featuring new services like postal banking, green energy and electric charging stations.

“This isn’t just about wages and benefits – postal workers are negotiating for climate leadership and expanded services that improve the lives of everyone in this country,” said Megan Whitfield, CUPW Toronto Local President.

“We’re showing Canada what’s possible if we use our postal service for the common good.”

CUPW is a member of the Delivering Community Power coalition, which is campaigning to use Canada’s vast network of post offices for a greener and fairer society.

Among the ideas proposed by the Delivering Community Power campaign:

  • electric charging stations at post offices
  • converting the postal fleet to made-in-Canada electric vehicles
  • assistance to vulnerable people via check-ins on seniors and those with limited mobility
  • financial services as a means of financial inclusion and green investment.

Many of these ideas are being put on the bargaining table during CUPWs current negotiations with Canada Post.

"We need alternatives like postal banking because predatory lenders charge close to 500% in interest for short term loans – the community needs a financial institution that has their interests at heart," said Donna Borden,Co-chair East York, Toronto ACORN.

“Yesterday, the world’s leading climate scientists have made our choice clear: we face imminent catastrophe, unless we transform our economy at lightning speed,” said Avi Lewis, Strategic Director at the Leap.

“Postal workers are leading the way – bringing the great transition to life by transforming an everyday post office into a hub for green energy and better services for all.”


Members of the CUPW Toronto local, postal workers in the GTA, and allies of Delivering Community Power, ACORN Canada, The Leap,


Creative demonstration showcasing the Delivering Community Power campaign


Tuesday, October 9, 2018 – 11:30 am-12:45 pm


Canada Post
663 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y2T0


For more information, please contact James Hutt, Campaign Coordinator, Delivering Community Power, at 613-447-7580 or at

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