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Let’s run this down:

  1. The Big Banks are price-gouging us all by unnecessarily hiking their punitive fees.

  2. Quarterly report documents show that the Big Banks are pocketing record surpluses.

  3. The Big Banks are using that surplus to invest in lobbyists who are working to block people across Canada from accessing more affordable banking services.

If we don’t stand up to the Big Banks now, they will crush new affordable banking options, restrict economic opportunity, and take increasing sums of money out of your wallet.

This is a huge opportunity to fix our broken banking market. Right now the government is considering whether to introduce affordable postal banking services across Canada. [5]

From the UK, to France, to New Zealand, postal banks are thriving all around the world. It’s past time for Canada catch up.



Please speak out against Big Bank Price-gouging in this crucial moment. 




This campaign is supported by organizations that believe in an expanded role for our postal service to build an equitable, sustainable economy.

    London and District Labour Council     Solidarity Against Austerity     Congress of Union Retirees of Canada     Winnipeg solidariy     Centre for Social Justice     Congress of Union Retirees of Canada     Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees     Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition     Waterloo Regional Council of Union Retirees     NL Federation of Labour     Public Service Alliance of Canada - Atlantic Region     Green Economy Network     FORPA Forest Protection Allies     West Kootenay Labbour Council     Coalition of Progressive Electors     Citizens' Alliance of PEI     AFRICA GREAT LAKES NETWORKING FOUNDATION (AGL)     Canadian Dimension magazine     The Council of Canadians     Windsor Essex Chapter    

Your organization can sign on here to endorse the campaign.