To: Joyce Murray, President of the Treasury Board. 

I am calling on you to make electric vehicles accessible by:

1) Allow Canadians to switch to electric vehicles by installing public charging stations at post offices. 

2) Convert Canada Post's fleet to electric vehicles that are made in Canada. 

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Make electric vehicles accessible in Canada

The Federal government just released its 2019 Budget and announced that by 2040, all new vehicles will be electric. It's a great goal, but we need a plan to get there. We need the infrastructure to support them. 

Canada Post could do just that. We have over 6,000 post offices across the country. If we install public charging stations for electric vehicles at post offices, we could easily and cheaply build a network that allows Canadians to drive electric vehicles from coast to coast. 

Plus, Canada Post has the largest vehicle fleet in the country. Converting the fleet to electric would would have a huge impact on carbon emissions and manufacturing them would create many good jobs.