How we'll Deliver Community Power


  • Charging stations for electric vehicles at post offices
  • A renewable energy postal fleet
  • Postal banking that provides inclusive financial services, especially to those underserved by commercial banks, like in rural and many Indigenous communities
  • Door-to-door mail carriers checking in on seniors and people with mobility issues, keeping more people in their own homes for longer
  • Post offices as community hubs for digital access and social innovation, connecting communities and climate-friendly businesses to customers
  • A consolidated last-mile delivery service that eases congestion in urban centres and reduces the environmental impact of our cities

We want a 100% renewable economy that addresses inequality, empowers us to make change, and improves our lives.

Our post office can deliver it.

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A revitalized Canada Post can lead the way to greener and more equal country. If you want renewable energy infrastructure, affordable banking and financial services, and services that support our elders and grow local communities, all while strengthening the economy -- join the Delivering Community Power campaign today.

Many Canadians see Canada Post as a place to mail a care package, buy stamps, pick up online purchases, or buy the latest commemorative coin.

Some consider the post office past its prime: the last decade has seen efforts to cut, devalue and undermine this self-sustaining public service. But the cuts have been fiercely resisted by people across the country, and we stopped the Harper-era cuts. It’s time to think about growth and not just preservation.

What if our cherished national institution, with its vast physical infrastructure and millions of daily human interactions, could offer us more? What if the post office could play a central role in building our next economy — an economy that is more stable, more equal, and less polluting?

It’s a powerful vision but we will need support to make it happen.

Will you join us?

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