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  • Fight Climate Change

    Illustration of buildings with solar panels and windmills in the background


    We need to make industry-changing solutions to fight climate change and change the status quo to save our planet. As one of the country’s largest publicly-owned corporations, Canada Post can and should lead the way to emissions reductions and good green manufacturing jobs by leveraging its huge fleet, buildings, and assets.

  • What does this mean for other workers in the energy market that may lose jobs as the demand for renewable energy grows?


    Whether or not we retrofit our fleet, the energy sector is changing. But doing it in a sustainable way shows greater certainty—a study from Clean Energy Canada demonstrated that job growth from clean energy will substantially outpace that from fossil fuels over the next decade[1].

    We can create a bridge to a more sustainable industry of the future by leveraging the size of our assets and industry.

    We have a unique opportunity to create a need for more good, green manufacturing jobs, creating a demand. 

    Skilled workers who have suffered from a shifting energy market can transition to manufacturing and engineering to support green energy work, knowing that the size of our physical footprint and fleet will create a long-term, sustainable industry.



  • Will unions and union-made products be used in the implementation or rollout of the plan?


    Absolutely. CUPW values unions and union-made products. In implementing the components of this campaign, we will always be sure to make the necessary representations to the Corporation and to the government so that good unionized jobs are created and union made products used, to the extent possible.

  • Canada Post is governed by the federal government, what can be done at the municipal and provincial level?


    Municipal and provincial officials can show their support for expanded Canada Post services, helping create non-partisan and far-reaching support for expanded services for all Canadians and a “greener” Canada Post that will help make seismic changes to the job industry. You can help by talking to your local elected officials about these ideas.

  • Is there an Indigenous lens to these proposals?


    In the spirit of real reconciliation, we believe Indigenous peoples have a right to reshape Canada Post and help determine its future role in their communities.

    Many Indigenous communities still lack access to key resources that settler Canadians rely on in their communities such as affordable internet and access to banking without discrimination. Canada Post already has a vast infrastructure that reaches many Indigenous communities, and where it doesn’t, the service could be expanded.

    We can reimagine Canada Post to provide services to Indigenous communities in a way that is just, collaborative, and honours Indigenous rights.

  • Is this a partisan issue?


    Job security and addressing climate change are not partisan issues. All Canadians stand to benefit from this vision. We're currently lobbying the existing government, as well as members of the opposition.

    We aren't affiliated or working with any parties and believe the ideas should be favourable for any party that cares about serving their constituents

  • Won’t this be too expensive? How will we pay for it?


    Canada Post is a revenue-generating institution with a proven track record so we are confident in our ability to invest in these changes.

    Many of the services we’re proposing, like postal banking, remain relatively inexpensive to implement yet generate profits which will help pay for other programs. Eventually, many new services will become profitable.

  • Affordable Food Delivery

    Composite illustration of Local Food Systems


    As basic food and grocery prices continue to climb well-above the rate of inflation, access to fresh, affordable food is a growing concern across the country. In Northern and remote communities, the problem is magnified as food insecurity rates impact more than 60% of households.

    Canada Post already moves goods to every corner of the country through its vast logistics and transportation network. We can leverage and retool this network to bring farm-to-table food delivery to doorsteps across the country, helping to sustain local farms while expanding access to fresh foods. And we can bring back a new-and-improved Food Mail program to help make food more affordable in the North.

    Canada Post used to operate the Food Mail program, which helped make food more affordable in the North. But the program was replaced with Nutrition North, which subsidizes private retailers instead and isn’t getting reliable results.

    Why not put more of what we all need on the Canada Post trucks?

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