What does this mean for other workers in the energy market that may lose jobs as the demand for renewable energy grows?


Whether or not we retrofit our fleet, the energy sector is changing. But doing it in a sustainable way shows greater certainty—a study from Clean Energy Canada demonstrated that job growth from clean energy will substantially outpace that from fossil fuels over the next decade[1].

We can create a bridge to a more sustainable industry of the future by leveraging the size of our assets and industry.

We have a unique opportunity to create a need for more good, green manufacturing jobs, creating a demand. 

Skilled workers who have suffered from a shifting energy market can transition to manufacturing and engineering to support green energy work, knowing that the size of our physical footprint and fleet will create a long-term, sustainable industry.


[1] https://www.thestar.com/business/2019/10/03/job-intensive-study-says-clean-energy-fast-track-to-employment-growth.html