Delivering Community Power

Reimagining Canada Post with services to support every community.

What if we told you that postal workers have a plan to fight climate change and deliver vital new services to every corner of the country? What if our cherished national institution, with its vast physical infrastructure and millions of daily human interactions, could offer us more? Read on and join us in imagining the postal service of the future.

Our Goals

Illustration of a Community Hub

New Services for Communities

While Amazon squeezes out small businesses, big banks leave when the profits dwindle, and telecommunications companies don’t offer key services like high-speed internet, Canada Post is a reliable member of our communities that won’t turn its back on you like big corporations do.

Illustration of a post office with banking services

Financial Inclusion for Everyone

The big banks are failing most of us. Banks close in rural and small communities, forcing customers to travel long distances to get banking services. Even worse, payday lenders have moved in to fill the void. Canadians deserve reliable, affordable banking, focused on their needs instead of corporate greed. We can provide low-fee financial services at Canada Post offices, including savings and checking accounts, bank machines, and loans.

Illustration of buildings with solar panels and windmills in the background

Fight Climate Change

We need to make industry-changing solutions to fight climate change and change the status quo to save our planet. As one of the country’s largest publicly-owned corporations, Canada Post can and should lead the way to emissions reductions and good green manufacturing jobs by leveraging its huge fleet, buildings, and assets.

Illustration for Green Jobs for the Future

Green Jobs for the Future

Canada Post is the country’s biggest logistics, retail, and transportation network and we’re reimagining how this infrastructure can provide services that reflect the needs and values of people in Canada and at the same time shaping the future of our industry and ensuring us greater job security.