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Our Delivering Community Power campaign reimagines Canada Post with services to support all communities — like a full-service postal bank, an electric postal fleet, check‑ins for seniors and better working conditions in the postal service — while taking action to avert the climate catastrophe and creating a just transition for workers.

We also see the post-COVID-19-pandemic recovery as a crucial point in history, presenting progressive forces a once‑in‑several‑generations’ opportunity to fix many societal ills.

We invite you to endorse our campaign below. In addition, we welcome your feedback and ideas on what a reimagined public postal service could do for your community, group or organization. Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions or comments. Our team will be glad to meet and support you.

Together we can build a more equitable and just society that puts the health and well-being of all peoples and ecosystems first.

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Canada Post, a Crown Corporation that reaches every community, is perfectly positioned to play an active part in a post-pandemic just recovery.

Our organization supports Delivering Community Power’s initiatives, including: a fully electric vehicle fleet; retrofitting of buildings; a public postal bank with a full range of services; a postal-worker check-in service for seniors; community hubs; a broadband network in rural areas; and more.

We will communicate our endorsement to our members and we will advocate for Delivering Community Power with elected representatives of each level of government.