I'm a Delivering Community Power leader!

Are you a Federal Member of Parliament or a Member of a Provincial or Territorial Legislature?

Canada Post is perfectly positioned to lead the way to a sustainable future by greening its massive infrastructure, kickstarting our transition towards good, green jobs. And it can live up to its mandate to develop new services to address the people's changing needs. And through these, it can play an enhanced role in our communities' recovery and future resilience.

Will you endorse?

As an MP or Member of a Provincial or Territorial Legislature, I will support initiatives that advance the Delivering Community Power plan to Reimagine Canada Post with services to support every community.

I will support efforts to fight climate change including:

  • Greening the Canada Post fleet with union-made electric vehicles, creating green jobs in Canada and significantly reducing our carbon output.
  • Retrofitting Canada Post buildings for cost savings and to help fight climate change.
  • Expanding the use of Canada Post as a consolidated last mile delivery system to ease congestion and pollution in our cities caused in part by too many delivery trucks that aren’t full to capacity.

I will also support Delivering Community Power's social initiatives and expanded services, including Postal Banking, an elder check-in service, high-speed internet through the postal infrastructure; food delivery; and community hubs at post offices.