New Services for Communities

Composite illustration for New Services for Communities

Canada Post, and postal workers in particular, have had the trust of the public for over 100 years. As we undertake a major transition to save our planet and our well-being, we need to increase the breadth of services provided by a reliable public sector. In fact, a survey of Canadians indicates that postal workers are the most well liked of any public servant, and we’re profitable and self-sufficient.

The post office is more than a building where you get your mail—it can be a gathering place for people in the community. We want to formalize this position by offering a space where youth, seniors, or other groups could meet, learn new skills, stage pop-up shops and more. In places where space for meetups or community gatherings are limited but there is a post office, it’s a no-brainer to open up the facility to serve the community.

We know firsthand that broadband capacity in rural and remote Canada is not pervasive or steady. As a steady, stable presence in these rural communities Canada Post could be the option that guarantees an appropriate level of service for all Canadians by renting space to the larger internet providers, or offering WiFi services, or even our own broadband. There are many options to explore. Because Canada Post is about serving communities, we’re uniquely positioned to fill this need.