Delivering Community Power: Poll Results 2021

Polling Supports Reinventing Canada Post Infrastructure

We're happy to share new data from Public Square polling, finding that the population strongly supports greening public infrastructure and expanding services at Canada Post to meet our changing needs.

Nearly nine in ten respondents say they care or care strongly about corporations needing to adapt to reduce their carbon footprint, and about issues including elder care, affordable internet, affordable food/food delivery, and the local economy – and they’re looking to the public sector to tackle problems.

It confirms that our Delivering Community Power campaign, still gaining traction after its launch in February 2016, is aligned with broad support. Respondents care strongly about the main issues the campaign addresses, and believe strongly that government has a responsibility to invest in solutions.

In the years since the campaign launched, Canada Post has introduced some financial services, a community hubs pilot, and purchased some hybrid vehicles. Postal workers believe the corporation can do much more, and much faster, and has the public and political support to do so. In this year’s federal election, 180 candidates endorsed the campaign and several of those are now sitting Members of parliament.


Headline Takeaways

  1. More than nine in ten Canadians care about elder care, affordable internet, affordable food/food delivery, and the local economy.

  2. Roughly three quarters of Canadians support action to ensure all regions of the country have access to affordable food, food delivery, and housing.

  3. Nine in ten Canadians say corporations need to adapt to reduce their carbon footprint. The same number say corporations need to support the communities around them.

  4. Support for revenue generating initiatives at Canada Post is strong across Canada, with two thirds in support of the reimagination campaign and only 11% opposed.

  5. Half of Canadians are interested in affordable food delivery and elder check-ins, and four-in-ten are interested in postal banking and high-speed internet, offered by Canada Post.

  6. More than half of Canadians are supportive of greening the Canada Post fleet, expanding last-mile service, and retrofitting Canada Post buildings with solar panels as a means of addressing climate change.


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