Affordable Food Delivery

Composite illustration of Local Food Systems


As basic food and grocery prices continue to climb well-above the rate of inflation, access to fresh, affordable food is a growing concern across the country. In Northern and remote communities, the problem is magnified as food insecurity rates impact more than 60% of households.

Canada Post already moves goods to every corner of the country through its vast logistics and transportation network. We can leverage and retool this network to bring farm-to-table food delivery to doorsteps across the country, helping to sustain local farms while expanding access to fresh foods. And we can bring back a new-and-improved Food Mail program to help make food more affordable in the North.

Canada Post used to operate the Food Mail program, which helped make food more affordable in the North. But the program was replaced with Nutrition North, which subsidizes private retailers instead and isn’t getting reliable results.

Why not put more of what we all need on the Canada Post trucks?